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Mula Green Kit

Receive the Hair Brightener, Pre-Shampoo and Hair Juice in Mula Green.


Our color perfecting Hair Brightener, is the secret weapon you need to get yourself looking instagram ready. Give your semi permanent colors that extra POP, by creating a lighter toned base, to perfectly compliment whichever color fits your vibe that week.

HAIR DOPE's Pre Shampoo can be used to deeply moisturize and revitalize dehydrated hair, ensuring your strands are primed and ready to STUNT with color. It creates the perfect base that will give that long lasting WOW factor to Hair Juice and Hair Sauce.

Flex your style and attitude for a few weeks with Hair Juice, this color stays on for 5-8 rinses. Fab Fuchsia, Mula Green, and Icy are all tapping.